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Getting the Most Out of Broadband Power Amplifiers

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With companies always looking to boost power amplifier efficiency, there is a hunt for better components and methods to bring about a better end result. And with 5G on the horizon, this need is even greater. But what are the best ways to get the most out of broadband power amplifiers?

What impacts Power Amplifier Efficiency?

Some of the factors that will impact the efficiency of a power amplifier include the typology, thermal management, bandwidth and input bias. And we also have to consider some issues that can arise from improving efficiency, such as spectral regrowth, size of the amplifier and the associated cost.

New Techniques

There are a few new techniques that are making a splash in this sector. For instance, some are looking at envelope tracking and digital pre-distortion as a solution to boost power amplifier efficiency. There is still some issue with the hardware, which is why companies are hoping they can get new components ready in the coming 12 to 18 months.

hybrid coupler

For instance, when a signal is delivered into the power amplifier, it is done through a hybrid coupler so that it can be properly split to each amplifier. When the coupler is able to handle a greater load, it will ensure the power amplifier is more efficient in the future.

Uses of Better Power Amplifiers

The industries that are most impacted by improved power amplifiers are the voice and data communication industries. And that is where the tie-in to 5G comes from. When power amplifiers and their included components are able to handle higher frequencies and more power, it means that voice and data communications can occur in better quality and with higher speed.

The average consumer is not only interested in the speed that will be brought about by 5G networks, but the improved latency too. It is expected to change the world in a better way, with businesses, medical institutions and the average consumer all getting more value from those communications networks.